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Experience Himalaya Adventure is Nepal's new leading adventure company, established by Bhim Lama who has been involving in tourism since 1993 and leading trips in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. He has an excellent experience about the Trekking, Culture Tours, Family Adventures and Biking. He has been worked with Explore World Wide (UK), KE Adventure (UK), Mountain Kingdom (UK), WeltWeitWandern (Austria), Alibert (France), Mountain Travel Sobek (USA), Ibex Expedition (USA), Catara Adventure (USA), SNP (Netherland) and LM Experience (Switzerland). Experience Himalaya Adventure successfully organizing trips and getting best feedbacks from the clients.

We not only custom design your trips but also control all aspects of trip organization in house to ensure that its high standards are maintained. Such personalized planning and service, along with a team of highly experienced field staff and well equipment, makes us one of the best in the trade. Whatever you look for, be it high altitude trekking, a cultural experience or a relaxed holiday amidst the gigantic Himalayas, we will give our best to make your unforgettable trip of your life. We happily serve to our clients to our destinations Nepal, India and Tibet.

Experience the great hospitality of the Nepali people and let us help you to make the best and most valuable holidays.

Guides and Crew

Good guides and crew are fundamental to a great trek so we personally train all our guides. Strong, patient, experienced and helpful, they are indigenous to the areas you visit and can provide rich insights into the cultures you experience and the places you journey through. We provide well equipments to our high altitude porters. Our guides keep attending language, mountaineering training and medical skill courses.

Bhim Bahadur Lama
Managing Director

Bhim Bahadur Lama was born and grew up in Thulo Gimdi - Timal, Kavre which is one of the most important historical places but was very remote although it is nearby Kathmandu. He was from very poor family, his childhood and young life was very difficult. His parent was not able to pay school fees for his study but anyhow his brother worked hard and gave him opportunity to get good education. From his childhood he was very interested to see foreigners and worked with them in tourism field. He had walked daily 5 hrs to go in secondary school from his village. When he completed his school life he came to Kathmandu and joined at Government College and also started trekking job with his uncle to earn some money to pay college fees. He has completed the Guiding and Leadership, Safety, Rescue, First Aid Courses and Public Cooperation Courses from Nepal Tourism Department, Private NGEOS and UIAA. He is also a represent of American INGO, "International Children Network" for Nepal. He is a graduate in Tourism Development and has worked in the travel and tourism sector since 1993. He has been worked with Mountain Travel Sobek (USA), Explore Worldwide (UK), KE Adventure (UK), Welt Weit Wondern (Austria), Alibert (France) and SNP (Netherland) as best leader. Bhim has successfully all over Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Ladakh, Zanskar, Himachal, Garhwal – Kumaon and Tibet. He has worked his way over the years to become amongst the most sought after leaders. Very pleasant and patient, Bhim develops an excellent rapport with clients and colleagues alike and has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience which he shares with his clients. He shares his spare time for social work in rural areas of Nepal for poor children's education and health.


Sushil Lama
General Manager

Sushil Lama grew up in Timal, Kavre which is one of the historical places of Nepal. He has completed the Guiding and Leadership, First Aid Courses and Public Cooperation Courses from Nepal Tourism Department. He is a graduate in Tourism Development, Hotel Management from Europe, Cyprus and has worked in the travel and tourism sector since 2005. He studied about the tourism development also in South Korea. Sushil has leaded extensively all over Nepal, Darjeeling - Sikkim, Ladakh, Himachal, Garhwal and Kumaon. He is very friendly, polite and develops an excellent rapport with clients and colleagues. He is excellent to tell real historical story and make funny jokes. He is also a singer and good dancer.




Ram Kumar Lama

Operation Manager / Leader

Ram Kumar Lama has completed the Guiding, First Aid and basic mountaineering Courses from Nepal Tourism Department. He has completed Inter Mediate in Social and has worked in the travel and tourism sector since 2007. Kumar has trekked all over Nepal, India and Tibet. Kumar develops an excellent rapport with clients and is capable of handling trips in any corner of the Himalaya. He takes best responsible for all clients and porters and makes them very happy. He is always smile and happy with clients.


Environmental Consciousness

We are committed to protecting the environment of the Himalayan mountain ranges and believe in Zero impact trekking. We not only inculcate environmental consciousness amongst our staff but also encourage similar response from fellow travelers.

Safety, Medical and Mountain Rescues

Holidays are fun as long as nothing goes wrong. Moreover, out there in the wilderness, nature isn't always the perfect host. And if at all the unexpected occurs, our guides and crew are well trained to handle such emergency situations. Our trekking guides are trained on First Aid and Wilderness Survival Medical Practice. A Medical kitbag is always with them to help you whenever you need their assistance. If you have or develop serious problem during the trek, we will arrange rescue operation by helicopter or by other means of transport.

Food and Accommodation

Food is very important while you are on the trek therefore our food is carefully supervised by our trekking cook. The ability of our cooks to hygienically prepare healthy, tasty and wholesome food, in even the most remote areas never fails to amaze our clients. Our cooks are well equipped to serve non vegetarian, vegetarian cuisine as well as any special dietary requirements.

Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses in major towns and cities, we provide best one. While in trekking we provide the best tent which can be accommodate two people with their duffel or kit bags. For Tea house trek we always try to provide rooms in the best lodge with attached bathrooms.

General Information     


From mid September to November usually the sky is clear. So it is best months to trek. Above 3000m the temperature often goes below zero at night. December and January are the coldest months. The temperature constantly plunges below freezing at night above 3000m. There is also snowfall in high altitude. February and March bring warm weather. Birds and flowers, especially the rhododendron and orchids are in full bloom in the hilly regions. April and May are warmer. March- April is the best time to do trek who loves the wild flowers, mountains is also clear. June, July, August till mid September is rainy season but it is wonderful time to do trek in upper Dolpo and upper Mustang.


Depending upon the altitude and the season, the temperature varies from minimum 0 to 5 degree Celsius to maximum 10-15 degree Celsius. On normal mid hill treks, temperature will be about 15 degree Celsius.


Although our guides carry a complete medical kit bag, you should carry personal medication as prescribed by your doctor. Sleeping pill is dangerous to use on high altitude. Clients are recommended to go through medical checkup prior to their trek departure.

Equipment and clothing:

For normal trek or tour you should have Trekking / hiking shoes, Sport shoes, camp shoes, slippers, down jacket, fleece or sweater, wind proof and water poof jacket, jumper, hiking shorts, hiking pants, T-shirts, underwear, sun hat, woolen hat, gloves, scarf, good sun glasses, sun block, towel, rucksack, sleeping bag, water bottle, torch etc.