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Nepal is situated in the central Himalaya between China and India. Although Nepal is small country it is very rich for Natural beauty. Nepal has amazing diversity of sightseeing attractions in nature and culture. Nepal has highest peak, highest lake and deepest Gorge of the world and thickest jungle in South Asia. Nepal is a secular country with the predominant confluence of two religious: Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal is the land of Buddha, symbol of world peace, who was born in Nepal at Lumbini. Nepal has more than 103 ethnic groups and about 100 spoken languages. All Nepalese are very polite, helpful, hard working and always try to show smile in their face.

The Nepal Himalaya is crowned by 8 of the world's 14 highest (above 8000m) mountains including Mt. Everest (8848m), the highest mountain of the world. More than 1300 of peaks are scattered across the length and extend from side of the country. Festivals also offers visitors a valuable opportunity not only for having fun but gaining insight into various aspects of Nepalese culture. Wherever or whenever you arrive in Nepal, you can be pretty sure of being at the right time for special events. To conserve this natural heritage, the government has set 8 National Parks and 4 Wildlife Reserves. 2 of these, the Everest National Park (1148 sq. km) and the Chitwan National Park (932 sq. km) are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Kathmandu valley represents Nepal's rich cultural past and abounds in breathtaking architectural subtlety with 7 Cultural World Heritage Sites. As Kathmandu valley is a representational model of Pagoda, Stupa, cultural and architectural excellence. Pokhara a scenic town is a gateway into the lap of nature with close mountain views. Chitwan is another very popular tourism spot, totally a jungle experience in the forest teeming with tropical wildlife. In Nepal Trekking, Mountaineering, Sightseeing, Cultural Tour, Jungle Safari, Pilgrimage Tour, Rafting, Cycle Tour, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and Mountain Flight are very popular.

Why Trek in Nepal

Please don't miss the opportunity to see the spectacular beauty and the unique culture of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured imagination of mountaineers and explores for more than 100 years. You will meet people in remote mountain villages whose lifestyle has not changed in generations. Most people trust foreigners. Nepal is one of only a handful of countries that have never been ruled by a foreign power. When you trek, you will see the great diversity of Nepal. Villages embrace many ethnic groups and cultures. The terrain changes from tropical jungle to high glaciated peaks in the space of only 150 km. From the start the towering peaks of the Himalaya provide one of the highlights of a trek. The beauty and attraction of Nepal Himalaya originates not only from the mountains themselves but also from their surroundings. Nepal is a country of friendly people, picturesque villages and a great variety of cultures and traditions.